Sightseeing In Canada

Sightseeing In Canada

Canada can be found in North America and it is the second largest country land mass ways, worldwide. It is residence to over 31 million people as well as many thousand travellers. Considering the large population Canada has still one of the lowest population densities worldwide due to the sparsely populated river, prairie and desert areas. The majority of Canadians are English speakers, but there are certain regions namely Quebec where French is the predominant language. Canada is made up of as many as 10 different provinces and three main territories. No matter what region of Canada you visit you are sure to find many fun activities and breathtaking scenery to suit young and old alike.

British Columbia

British Columbia can be found on the West Coast of Canada and is home to over 100 parks which are known for their breathtaking scenery. Whilst visiting this province be sure to visit the 7 national parks including Glacier National Park, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Yoho National Park and Pacific Rim National Park.


Alberta is found in Western Canada also and is home to many rivers including Athabasca River which is the location for many water sports including swimming, water skiing, fishing, canoeing and many more. Alberta provides beauty in the form of its differing landscapes, from the prairie, to the desert and forest. If you are visiting Alberta you have got to explore the Rockies. These are one of the most popular tourist attractions worldwide.


Quebec is like another country in its own right due to the presence of mainly French speakers. If you are into your skiing and snow sports then Mont Tremblant, Quebec is the place to be. After a long day skiing why not take a trip to one of the top local spas for a massage to soothe those tired aching muscles.


Ontario is home to the fabulous Niagara Falls, where you can explore the beauty with many walking routes and have a bird’s eye view whilst on a helicopter ride. If you happen to be visiting Ontario in the spring you will be happy to know you will be in time for the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is home to the amazing Reversing Falls, which is a must see if stopping by in this area. Chocolate lovers must visit the chocolate museum and taste one of the samples on offer. Other scenes of interest are The Hopewell Rocks where you can walk on the ocean floor as well as kayak when the tide comes in.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is another province occupied with natural beauty and a host of museums and activities such as deep sea fishing, hunting, motorcycling and running to keep everyone entertained.

Last but not least when you visit Canada be sure to try the local delicatessen ranging from poutine, commonly known as chips cheese and gravy in the UK, to sugar pie and candy apples.

Canada is a friendly place with a never ending range of activities to suit all the family. Whether you go in the spring, summer, autumn or winter you are sure to have a good time.