Soft Drinks

Soda Is Harmful

Soda Is Harmful

Soft drinks: The effect of soda on our teeth and bones.

Many People Have a tendency to quench there thirst with a soda or your local 7-11s big gulps-

Drinking a Soda does not quench your thirst in fact soda has chemicals that can result in the lack of moisture in your body.

Most people just grab there favorite soda cans or bottles without even thinking to read the back to check to see what they are putting in there body.

Did you Know : that most soda contains phosphoric, citric, tartaric/ and or carbonic acids these acids are the link to the breakdown of enamel on our teeth.

As most of us know enamel protects the teeth but if the enamel deteriorates, it comes with a range of dental problems, for example: tooth decay, sensitive teeth, cavities.

The Patients that have these Dental Problems from The High sugar in soda, undergo extensive and expensive treatment at there expense which wasted there time and money.

Did you Know: a 12 oz. can of soda contains approximately 40 grams of sugar or a 20 oz. bottle contains about 17 teaspoons of sugar.

The acids in soda Limit our Calcium intake and by all means humans need calcium to develop strong, healthy bones.

This has a direct effect on our bone density, this effect can result in many bone and health issues such as osteoporosis and easy bone breakage.

People of all ages drink soda- a known fact is that soda has a chemical called caffeine, too much caffeine or an excessive amount is shown to suck out the calcium of our bones.

Soda has virtually no calcium or nutrients that our body and bones need to be healthy and grow strong.

When I was younger I drank soda, We all have had a taste or two of our favorite flavor, this is how they sell out on the market. If you think about it think of your favorite flavor… More than Likely you will find it as a soda. Growing up as a child I had cavities and tooth pains, sensitivity to cold foods or sugars.

As I grew I learned That soda contains excessive amounts of sugar and acids and does not have any nutritional value, So I stopped drinking it. Though I may still have a craving here in there for this Highly carbonated beverage, I care about my self enough to say no to soda to say no to the wasted money and to say no to hurting my body in multiple ways.

All of humanity should stray from excessive sugar, acid, carbonated beverages like soda.

There are harmful consequences to your actions.

Though all of this has been said there is good in all of this by always knowing you can stop hurting yourself, time, and wallet, by bettering your health,stopping yourselves and helping others stop drinking soda.