Spring Holidays In Europe

Spring Holidays In Europe

This article is for all those adventurous young people who have saved up all their money from summer jobs and babysitting hours for the ultimate backpacking trip all over Europe. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to plan your vacation and decide what you want to see. So without further ado, let’s do Europe!

If you are going as a sightseer, then your main priority will be to cover the essentials. Head off to London for the changing of the guards, the London Eye and Camden market. Next stop, Barcelona. This romantic city has an amazing night life and even more amazing architecture. Take the Eurorail to Rome where you will fall in love with the people, pasta and the awesome relics from the past. And of course, no trip to Europe is complete without a trip to Venice. Ride the gondolas and take in the entire city.

The romantic traveler will love the culture and not just the sights. To entice your romantic palette head off to Milan, the hub of the fashion world, strut the streets as if you are a model and take in the glamour and glitz of the city. Don’t forget to take a risk with some delicious French food. If you are all about getting the perfect tan whilst seeing a gorgeous location, then head off to Saint-Tropez. This gorgeous town located on the Mediterranean will give you the ultimate relaxing holiday and you can come home with a golden tan to boast about. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Another recommendation is Brussels where the food only will make you want to live there. Sample from the fries, waffles and chocolate and people-watch from the town square and you will be set up for life.

If you are an experienced traveler then there are some options for you. Visit Brasov to see the ancient castle where Dracula lives. This 13th century marvel will take your breath away! At Bratislava you can indulge your thrill-seeking side by taking a ride down the Danube River. And finally Vienna will have you sighing over its old-world charm and scrumptious pastries.

Backpacking around Europe is mostly on everyone’s to do list. This article has given ten spots to visit no matter what kind of experience you want from your vacation. Enjoy and take lots of videos and pictures for the folks back home.