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Staying At The Ice Hotel In Quebec

Staying At The Ice Hotel In Quebec

If you want an amazing place to stay for a couple of days, a romantic getaway or an exciting place to amaze the whole family, look no further than at the Ice Hotel in Quebec (otherwise known as Hotel de Glace). This hotel is only open 3 months every year and is completely made out of ice and snow. Each year a team of ice architects and sculptors undertake the task of constructing the hotel anew in November, ready for guests to stay in January.  Opening times commence from the first week of January until the last week of March. And every year the hotel changes its decor themes as well as improves its service to provide a comfortable and unique stay to guests.

The hotel offers a number of custom packages to suit the needs of guests. They range from adventurous, romantic or a magical winter experience for the whole family.

Every room is different with a unique theme. An opportunity will present itself to view every room as soon as you arrive at the hotel as an orientation tour will be available and take place. Learn about the history of the place and how it was built or is re-built every year, the tour will also explain as to what you should and shouldn’t do to make the most out of your stay. All guests staying at the hotel will gain access to their room at 9pm, which is when all the tours and day guests have gone and finished.

Before checking in to the hotel however, try to pick out the room you want. Some rooms have extra amenities and a fireplace as well as colored lighting and sculptures. Most staff will be able to speak French and English, and some can speak Spanish.

• For a romantic getaway

You’ll need to snuggle up with your loved one and keep each other warm in this cold but cozy environment. Woolly hats, scarfs and gloves are required.

An enchanting and exclusive fairy tale wedding can take place at the hotel with a horse and carriage; moreover the bride can dress as a snow queen and wedding attire can be rented. The wedding ceremony, whether it be a religious or civil one takes place in the hotels very own chapel, complete with an ice altar and seats covered with deer fur. The chapel can seat 100 guests and afterwards dinner is served on ice plates if the reception is in the Ice Hotel and not the Duchesnay Lodge nearby.

Spend the evenings in an outside Jacuzzi gazing up at the stars or relax in a private sauna or hot tub followed by snacks and warm drinks in your room with a fireplace.

• For a family and adventurous break

The whole family will enjoy the enchanted and magical spectacle of the hotel as well as all the winter outdoor activities available at the lodge, which is close by. Kids can make ice sculptures; relax in the hot tub and drink hot chocolate before going to bed. The day can be filled with alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, tubing and snow-mobiling.

The Quebec winter carnival, museums and shops are all in local surroundings. There are regular shuttle trips from downtown Quebec to the Ice Hotel three times a day.

The beds are made out of ice, but no need to worry as there are mattresses and deer pelts to insulate you while you sleep. The kids are sure to be impressed with the glowing iced walls and beautiful sculptures. The whole family can gather together and make happy memories by the fireplace with hot drinks and sweet treats.

Staying at the Ice Hotel for whatever reason will be a unique and uplifting experience to renew your spirit. Not every hotel is made out of ice and well-known to be a top destination. A range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed as well as a relaxing time in the Jacuzzi’s, saunas and hot tubs. It will be a magical and enchanting place to stay with towering ceilings and a dazzling display of colored lights reflected and glowing on the walls and surroundings.