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Super Bowl Xlv

Super Bowl Xlv

Super Bowl XLV (forty five) is in Dallas, Texas in February, 2011, and is surely going to be  the biggest crowd ever at a Super Bowl. With Cowboys Stadium holding 80,000 to 110,000 spectators, depending upon the setup. There will be about 108,000 attendees, if all seats and standing room only spots are taken, and all suites filled to capacity. In Dallas, even though the Cowboys won’t be playing, that will not be a problem.

Travel tips for Super Bowl XLV would have to start with getting to the stadium at least 12 hours prior to kick off, or a day prior if a tail gate party is planned. Attendees should bring more than enough water and other liquids (yes, include a few 2-4’s of Bud, and maybe a keg or two), and enough food to feed all that are with the group, and a bunch more people as people parking nearby will most likely want to join you, and have you join them (that is, however, only if both groups are cheering for the same team, or if both are neutral).

The climate should be hot and sunny, with temperatures in the 80’s to 90’s. Rain is not likely at this time of year in Dallas, but with the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean so close, strange weather can occur at a moment’s notice. Hot weather gear should be brought, along with rain proof clothing. Stadium seat pads are cheap and provide a comfortable respite from the hard seats in the stadium, especially  for an extended period of time.

With so many people attending this year’s Super Bowl festivities in Dallas, where it will most likely either be perfect weather or a downright hurricane, being prepared is very important. If driving, parking has to be arranged well in advance, so that there are no 2 mile hikes to and from the stadium, and tail gating will be allowed in certain areas only.

There are two airports that service the area close enough to Cowboys Stadium to take public transportation, if money is tight. Otherwise, rental cars should be reserved when the airfare is arranged, in order to guarantee a car at the busiest time of the year for any Super Bowl hosting city.

Approximately 14 miles from the stadium is Dallas/Fort Worth International airport, which is where the larger airplanes are forced to land, and Dallas Love Field is about 22 miles away. Plan accordingly, but landing at the smaller airport could see more rental vehicles available at the last minute. Again, call ahead to make sure that there are vehicles available to rent.

One great thing about Cowboys Stadium is that it is fairly high-tech. The jumbo-tron scoreboard is one of the largest around at seventy two feet tall and one hundred and twenty feet wide, and, in high definition no less. Watching replays was never so rich, big and clear. There are lots of other screens to watch live action and replays on, but the big screen is the largest high definition screen in the world, and for people sitting high up in the stadiums, the big screen will show more of the action.

Attendees can rent small televisions that show the game and all highlights, and it also has special information available only to that format of watching the big game. Smart phones can also broadcast the game, but the cost to the phone may be large. Attendees thinking of using their smart phones should check with their carriers to see what the charges would be for viewing a live, six to eight hour event.

For parking, fans simply go to the website “” and register for the parking spot(s) of their choice. Planning a large tail gating party has never been more accommodating.