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The Proper Hotel Etiquette

The Proper Hotel Etiquette

Think of being a good hotel guest in the same way as visiting a friend’s home when there’s a party. In the case of a hotel, when you’re well behaved you’ll get treated better and the staff will go out of their way to help whenever you run into a problem. Good news travels fast and you’ll be welcomed with open arms if you stay in the same place again.  

Making Too Much Noise

Elevated volumes on television sets, people talking loudly on their cell phones, and guests who slam doors make it difficult for those who want to catch some sleep before an early flight. Practice what you would expect late at night in a hotel. Don’t be too loud because if somebody complains, he or she will call the front desk, and then they will have to send somebody up to your room to tell you to keep it down. It will turn into a hassle for everyone. Would you want to be awakened at two in the morning by loud guests?

Tipping While Staying at a Hotel

Don’t be a cheapskate. The mere fact that you’re paying for a room means you can spare a little extra money. The staff, including the housekeepers, bellhops, and servers/bartenders will appreciate being tipped for the services they provide. In some countries tips might not be expected or accepted, but you should at least offer one discreetly in whatever nation you happen to be visiting. If you don’t tip adquately or don’t tip at all, why would The Hotel Staff want to go that extra mile?

Being Abusive to the Staff

They are human and will get to you as soon as possible. Just because you’re paying that doesn’t entitle you to act like a jerk. There is a fine line between rude and intimidating. The more you throw your weight around the less responsive the staff will be. Threats and offensive language will make you unpopular very quickly, and if you’re really out of control you could be asked to leave the hotel.

Keeping the Room in Good Condition

The state of your room upon departure will say a lot about you as a person. The housekeepers have nightmares when they encounter messy rooms, and for good reasons. You wouldn’t believe the things that guests leave behind. Be a decent human being and don’t make cleaning your room a problem for the staff. Somebody will be staying there after you.