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Things To Do In Cabarete

Things To Do In Cabarete

Considered a nature lover’s paradise, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic offers excitement and adventure for anyone who enjoys beautiful scenery, sore buttocks, broken bones, giant killer fish, and mouthfuls of salt water.

Mountain Biking

With tours lasting from one day to two weeks, North Coast visitors enjoy scenery not witnessed by most tourists. Routes suitable for beginners, families, experts, and people who think they’re experts are available.


If you consider hiking, climbing, swimming, jumping and rappelling down the bottom of a canyon and then following the canyon bed until you find the exit a good idea, then try canyoning (and stay away from my daughter). If you prefer structure, area outfitters provide safety equipment to lessen the pain of your horrible death.


Local tour guides refer to cascading as “canyoning with no equipment other than common sense and a rope.” Since anyone with common sense wouldn’t actually cascade, a more correct description would be canyoning with only a rope used to hang yourself after you plummet thirty feet, and lie in pain with a broken back on the canyon floor with no hope of rescue.


One day hikes in National Parks and Protected Areas provide wonderful views of the Dominican wilderness. A three day/two night trek up Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean, provides sore feet, blisters, mosquito bites, and bragging rights back home for a year.

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

If being jerked around by a tiny parachute while smashing your quadriceps on large waves sounds like fun, then kiteboarding in Cabarete is for you. Cabarete hosts numerous international competitions and is considered the world’s premier locations for kiteboarding.

Whale Watching

Travel to Samana where thousands of whales migrate annually from Greenland. Very helpful guides explain how they know the whales are from Greenland. They’ll probably make some other stuff up too, like how they were best friends with Shamoo in college.

Horseback Riding

Whether you prefer saddle sores from riding in the Dominican wilderness or a face full of sand as some six-year old girl zooms by you on the beach, you’ll love a Dominican horseback tour. Tours include refreshments, guides, and round trip transportation from your hotel.

Whitewater Rafting

Tired of swallowing buckets of saltwater? Then head to the Rio Yaque del Norte in Jarabacoa and choke on river water instead. Knowing how to swim will come in handy, as will having your life insurance premiums paid. All equipment is provided.

Scuba Diving

Visit the calm waters of Sosua for some scuba diving. An afternoon dive preceded by a two-hour instructional class gives viewing opportunities that won’t get you in trouble with your wife.


The only thing more fun then snorkeling at the North Coast is constantly repeating the phrase “snorkeling vest.” Sosua and Rio San Juan are the most popular sites. Snorkeling at any beach during a hurricane is strongly discouraged.


Just a 10 minute drive from Cabarete, Encuentro Beach is known throughout the island as a surfing hotspot. If some surfer guy makes eyes at your bikini clad wife, invites you out for some special waves, and suddenly paddles back to shore while dousing the area with shark food, you may be in trouble.

Deep Sea Fishing

I felt really stupid when I showed up on shore with a wet suit and a fishing pole ready for my deep sea fishing adventure. The guide then explained we stay on the boat and the fish swim in the sea. I’m not exactly sure what he explained to the locals, but they laughed really loud.