Things To Do In Ottawa

Things To Do In Ottawa

As the capital of the nation Ottawa is, no surprise, jam-packed with things to do. And while it may not be quite as large as its nearby neighbor Toronto this urban metropolis still has plenty to offer to the tourist and the native alike. Here are just a few things you can do while walking the streets of Ottawa.

– Visit the parliament buildings. The standard and perhaps the slightly boring for some, but the parliamentary buildings of Canada are a wonder of old-style construction and really worth a look. You’ll already get a chance to view them from a distance in many places around Ottawa, so why not go for the close up shot and perhaps get a tour in the bargain?

– Check out Ottawa’s museums. The War Museum will provide you with a history of Canada’s role in the many conflicts of the modern world; the National Gallery offers hundreds of paintings and sculptures to tantalize the eye; the Museum of Civilization gets you in touch with Canada’s roots in a stylish and fun way. These museums are anything but dry.

– Check out the Bywater Market. There are places to buy food and trinkets just about everywhere in Ottawa, but few are as diverse, compacted and just plain neat as the Bywater Market. You can find anything you’d hope for here, from some fantastic chow to awesome souvenirs to the latest in clothing. Not to be missed.

– Go rafting. Not everything is located in the core of the city, and if you want you can take on a bit of a wilderness trek and hop into a massive inner tube to scream your way down some fantastic rapids.

– Visit the Peace Tower. Located in the heart of Ottawa near Parliament Hill and also providing a trip into a Remembrance Day memorial hall, the Peace Tower gives its visitors an excellent view of the city, whether they want to navigate the streets or just get a look at Ottawa’s residents going about their day-to-day lives.

– Or, last, you can go on a guided tour of the place. Safe, affordable and jammed with info, all manner of bus and walking tours operate in Ottawa and can fill you in on the various facets of the city in a structured, fun manner. You can even take to the streets at night, if you wish, and get a taste of Ottawa’s haunted side.

Always keep your eye open when in Ottawa. There are new events cropping up all the time, and the keen observer will find that they have no shortage of things to do and see while in the nation’s capital.