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Tips For Choosing A Destination Spa

Tips For Choosing A Destination Spa

Before choosing a destination spa, you must first know what it is. I’ll start by telling you it is not a spa at a destination of your choice. A destination spa is a spa that specializes in lifestyle changes, focusing on fitness, nutrition and relaxation.

These spas are only for people who are seriously, looking to lose weight, break their unhealthy habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor eating habits, to name just a few.)

However if you are caught smoking or smuggling Twinkies in, some spa’s will fine you a hefty fee and ask that you leave without a refund. When you arrive at the spa you are asked to sign papers agreeing to all their rules and to pay the fines if the rules are not abided by. This strict and seemingly ridiculous approach to enforce lifestyle changes to me appears to be one step above The Betty Ford Clinic.

As unpleasant and unrelaxing as it sounds, these spas do exist and the people who seek them out are serious about making lifestyle changes.

These spa’s do offer some of the traditional spa treatments, one would expect to find at any spa, such as facials, mud baths, manicures, waxing and massages.

A typical stay is one week. Most are all inclusive, some offer standard rooms and others have luxurious suites. The average price per person is $2,500.00.


Before choosing your spa check the menu, some offer All You Can Eat (healthy food of course) and others prepare a meal for you that a bird wouldn’t be satisfied after eating. While others guests will enjoy a juice diet during their stay.

Nutrition classes and cooking classes are part of the program. As well as a complete nutritional assessment to determine what types of food and calorie intake will best suit your individual needs.

After a physical fitness test has determined your level of viable activity, you are set up with a fitness plan. The majority of plans begin with walking and hiking. Guests are put into small groups with one or two fitness experts, so you can be closely monitored. From there your fitness plan is increased to exercises of your choice, depending on your level.


Is incorporated into your plan with the traditional spa treatments, yoga classes, meditations and general socialization with the other guests who have the same mind set as you do for improving their over all health.

Classes and lectures

Is also a big part of a destination spa experience? Knowledge is an essential key factor to understanding the how and why of what your embarking upon with your new lifestyle.

If your looking for a few days or a week of pampering, dinning on gourmet food and treats. Sipping a glass of wine by the fireplace or pool, you need to look for a resort spa.