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Tips For Finding Accommodation When Everywhere Is Booked Up

Tips For Finding Accommodation When Everywhere Is Booked Up

Nothing is worse than having your sights set on a particular vacation destination only to find out that there are no accommodations anywhere during the dates of your visit. In cities that have thousands and thousands of hotel rooms like Las Vegas and New York, it may seem like an unlikely scenario, but, can often be the case when there is some sort of convention in town, sporting event, or holiday like New Years Eve. When these sorts of events are happening, rooms at hotels and resorts can be fully booked up to a year in advance, which is not something that you want to hear when you want to be in town at that particular time.  But fortunately, there are a few things that may help to find success when looking for accommodations when everywhere is booked.

Go outside city limits

When most people look to book their accommodations, they automatically try and book in the specific city that they are traveling too. But, in most areas, there may be just as many hotels and, motels located outside the city limits as there are within the city limits, in which case accommodations may be able to be obtained.

Call hotel for last minute cancellations

Another thing to try when looking for accommodations when everywhere else is booked up is to try calling the hotel for last minute cancellations. This may require a little bit or persistence and perseverance because the calls may have to be made every day and the word “no” may be heard quite a bit. But, cancellations happen every day so hopefully the call is placed at just the right time when a room becomes available.

Housing swap

Housing swaps are becoming more and more popular especially with people trying to tighten their belts when traveling, and these can be particularly a good thing when accommodations cannot be found anywhere else. By going to a website like craigslist, there may be people who are looking to do housing swap or may be willing to rent a room in their own home. This can be a little risky because there is a sense of “you never know what you may get” but, desperate times call for desperate measures, so hopefully the outcome would be favorable.

Not being able to find accommodations can be extremely stressful and irritating, but, by trying the above methods, hopefully a favorable outcome will be possible.