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Tips For Group Trips

Tips For Group Trips

If you’re planning a vacation in another country in the near future then you should consider traveling with a group. This can be an experience of a lifetime if you want it to be. The best way to travel with a group is to be informed. Here are a few tips for travelingin groups to make your vacation that more enjoyable.

A note about the country you’re in,

Regardless of where you travel you have to keep in mind that you are in another country and with that come the responsibility of respecting their country as well as their culture. The locals will know you are a tourist especially if you’re traveling in a group so act accordingly. Read up on their customs and regulations before you leave home so you can be prepared to adjust. The same could be said for the people in your group, their culture and values may not be yours. You will find that respect goes a long way.

Group leaders,

If you are traveling in a group you will have a group leader. They are experienced in what they do, it is their job. They also know the area and the rules and regulations that apply to it. Have faith in your group leader and try to follow their instructions. If they outline rules before you start a tour pay attention to what they are saying. Their job is not an easy one trying to take care of a group of people, it’s their job to lead you but that doesn’t mean they can’t get stressed out sometimes while they are doing it.

Other members of the group,

When you’re traveling with a group you must respect the other members that are traveling with you. There will be a lot of different personalities in the group, combine this with jet lag, hunger and other discomforts that you may have and you can end up feeling a little cranky yourself. The more patience you have with yourself, your group leader and other group members you will enjoy your vacation much better.

Don’t wander away!

If you are out sightseeing with your group then stay with your group at all times unless otherwise planned by the group leader. If you wander off you are not only causing extra worry for the group leader but you are delaying the whole group, having them wait for you. Always be aware of the others in your group so you can keep an eye on them if they start to wander or get left behind. If you are visiting a museum or when you board the bus to return back to your lodgings take a look around to see if everyone is there.

Help your group,

When you’re traveling with a certain amount of people it is easy for the information your leader is giving you to get tangled. If you missed what the leader said ask someone in the group to explain to you what’s expected. If your leader says to meet at the hotel at a certain time, verify it with some other member, just to be sure you heard it right. If there is a person in your group that can’t purchase a ticket for something that’s planned or don’t know how, then lend a helping hand. This is for the greater good of the group to help out when you’re needed. It not only helps your leader but makes the vacation that much more pleasant.

Negative thoughts best kept silent,

There will be days when everything rubs on your nerves but if at all possible keep your comments to yourself. If you’re on a tour that you don’t particularly like then don’t complain you will just end up spoiling everyone’s fun. You will not always see the picturesque parts of a country some of them are not pretty sights in some places but take it all in stride and try to keep your moral up as well as that of the group.

May not be as comfortable as you would want,

When you’re in another country everything may not be as comfortable as you would want. Sometimes the country itself comes with its own discomforts. Depending on how many that’s traveling with you these discomforts may be amplified. For example if the beds where you are staying are lumpy you can relax in the knowledge that everyone else is suffering the same thing, it’s no use to announce it every morning you rise. You won’t be alone if your feet start hurting or you’re finding it to warm. Positive thinking can go a long way in making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Share with your group,

You may find many things that go unnoticed by the rest of the group, now is the time to show your true self and share your findings with them to add to their experience. Sometimes you may notice a little church that someone else missed or a scenery that you thought was beautiful, share your findings with your group. Some countries have a custom of giving tourist food such as berries, share them with the group. It will show them what a great person you are and that you are interested enough to see that they have a good time to.

Including others,

If your leader subs groups you into smaller groups and you find that someone got left behind due to this, it never hurts to extend an invitation to that person to share what you will be doing, especially in the evening. Your invitation may not be accepted but you will know you did your best to include them.

Leave home without a bias,

Don’t bring your biases along on your trip. You may be in a country where there are different religions or for that matter some of the people you’re traveling with may have a different culture or religion to. Don’t let this creep up on you and spoil your vacation. Your common ground for the people that travel with you is that you’re both on the same trip and that should be enough commonality to get you through.


Traveling in a group can be hard or easy but this is really all up to you. It can be an experience of a lifetime where you can make friends that will last just as long. It is totally up to you what attitude you take with you on your journey. Caring, sharing and a positive attitude are what you need to pack before you start.