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Tips For Picking The Perfect Hotel

Tips For Picking The Perfect Hotel

Everyone has a perfect hotel in their mind and the only thing left to do is try to find it.  Opinions vary and to some people, they are not particularly picky, but to others, if they are going to spend the money on a hotel, it needs to be a fairly classy place.  There are many hotels that are very classy, and not terribly expensive.  Certain tips can be helpful when picking the perfect hotel.

1.  The perfect hotel has breakfast included.  Many hotels would make a killer profit if they included breakfast in their rate.  When people go to a hotel, they often choose the hotel that offers a good breakfast, and at decent times of the morning.  The hotel should either offer a buffet, or an ordering in so that either way, breakfast won’t be missed.  A perfect hotel always has breakfast included in the rate and this will keep customers coming back for years to come.

2.  A perfect hotel has a very comfortable bed.  Hotel chains like Starwood and Marriott are known for their comfort and that is why they are so popular.  If a person goes to a hotel and the mattress is softer at their home, than that hotel definitely doesn’t qualify as a perfect hotel.  The perfect hotel is supposed to be more comfortable than the house, and the bed should be so comfortable, that the person doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.  Some people enjoy hard beds, but most five-star hotels have very comfortable beds, which is one of the reasons they are the most qualified in being considered perfect hotels.

3.  Hotels that are perfect have rooms that offer a lakeside view.  Garden terrace views, and mountain views are very beautiful, but there is nothing quite like looking out of a hotel window and seeing the beautiful river.  If the hotel is in a downtown district, and overlooks the water, it is even more beautiful, due to the lights that hit the water at night.  If the hotel offers a balcony in any of these rooms, this is even more of a perfect scenario.

Perfect hotels are often not the cheapest, but don’t have to be the most expensive.  Oftentimes, the most expensive hotels are those that are decorated with expensive furniture.  However, the only piece of furniture mostly used in a hotel is the bed, and as long as it is comfortable, and the view of the lake is offered, along with a buffet breakfast, the hotel is perfect.