Top 10 Beaches In America

Top 10 Beaches In America

America is a country rich in nature’s beauty and when summer weather hits, there is no better place to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of this country than on one of the many beaches that dot the coastline. There is a unique and wondrous combination of power and serenity at the ocean that you won’t find anywhere else on earth. If you are looking for a beach to visit this summer, there are many to choose from and the one that is right for you will depend highly on what you are looking for on your time away from it all. The following are the top ten beaches in America, each having their own unique qualities that make them desirable to different people.

1-Pacific City, Oregon

If you are looking for a place to go that has that small, beach town feel, there is nowhere that you’ll find it quite like you will in Pacific City, Oregon. This town hasn’t yet become the tourist hotspot that many similar towns have, so it isn’t usually overcrowded, even in the summertime. There are a couple of hotels, some bed & breakfasts, cabins, and vacation homes to rent for your stay at very reasonable prices. Oregon beaches are known to be quite windy, but Pacific City is surrounded by sand hills that cut back pleasantly on the wind. There are some shops and wonderful restaurants to visit, including the pizzeria/brewery right in the beach parking lot. With tidepools, dory boats, lush foliage, and the immense rock jutting out of the water, there is beauty all around.

2-Santa Catalina, California

Looking for a romantic beach getaway? Santa Catalina, California is just the place to feel that spark ignite, whether you are a new couple wanting to make memories or an established couple that is looking for a little boost in the romance department. Find one of the secluded coves to spend the day together in or head into the lush forest. This is also a wonderful beach to plan that oceanfront wedding you might be dreaming of. Wherever you go in Santa Catalina, there is romance to be found.

3-Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island, located in the southern tip of North Carolina, is an area that history buffs will get a truly eye-opening trip at. This area is steeped in history, especially that of the Native Americans. This is even where the infamous pirate, Blackbeard, was killed in the early 1900s! The charming village of Ocracoke has plenty to see and do. They have the OcraFolk Festival every June, where there are tons of activities for the whole family, including storytelling, performances, crafts, and other things to do and see.

4-Dog Beach, California

If you are looking for somewhere to take your canine companion, the name “Dog Beach” says it all! This pet-friendly beach is close to San Diego in California and you will be able to find a rental that is accepting of your dog much easier than you will in other places. There are also many other dogs that will be here so not only can you find other people with a similar interest in dogs, but your dog will be able to make some new friends, too!

5-Moshup Beach, Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts lies a treasure, beloved by families for generations, and that treasure is Martha’s Vineyard. Within Martha’s Vineyard lies another treasure called Moshup Beach. The gorgeous white sand beaches are surrounded by the Gay Head Cliffs, like softness and serenity meeting the most rugged of terrains. The quiet of this beach makes it an exceptional place to just sit back and relax amid the sounds of the osprey and the waves.

6-Second Beach, Washington

The Olympic National Park, located in Port Angeles, Washington, is where you will find Second Beach. This is a wonderful destination for those who want to find the peace and solitude of a natural forest and beach where one can hike up the beach or up into the woods all in one location. There are even glaciers to be found here. The quiet of this National Park sanctuary is a rare find.

7-Cedar Point, Ohio

Located in Ohio, Cedar Point has not only a beach, but also an incredible amusement park. For Peanuts fans, there is “Planet Snoopy” where guests can even have breakfast with the whole Peanuts gang! Those die hard roller coaster fanatics won’t be disappointed, either. There are water rides when you need a chance to cool off. All in all, Cedar Point is Ohio’s answer to where all of the family fun went to!

8-Cumberland Island, Georgia

If you are looking for a totally natural beach, with some amazing sights to see, Cumberland Island is going to be your dream come true. This island is the largest barrier island in Georgia which has been left relatively untouched by man. There are marshlands and forests, along with the beach, so there is plenty to explore. You will find quiet and solitude here much of the time, but if you prefer, there are also guided tours through the area which is rich in history.

9-Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach in California is also referred to as “Muscle Beach” by those who are athletically inclined. If a good fitness trip is what you’re looking for, Venice Beach will fit the bill. Gold’s Gym is situated right on the beach and during your workout there, you might just run into some of the top bodybuilders today. There is also a wonderful boardwalk along the beach and the surfing is exceptional.

10-Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is an amazing place for families to head for a vacation that is packed with all the activities that you are up for! This beach boasts a three mile boardwalk where you can spend the afternoon biking, skating, walking, or jogging. The aquarium is one of the largest around and the “Restless Planet” exhibit is now open so that you can view the sea life up close. There are also museums, golf, fishing, shopping, and events throughout the summer that all spell out “fun” for families.

If you are planning on heading to the beach this summer, take a moment to consider what it is that you’re looking for.  When you do, you will be better able to select a beach that will fulfill your desires for your trip.  The above ten are some of the best beaches in America for different reasons.   Pick the one that is going to be best for you and head out.  You will experience a beauty that is unique to our wonderful oceans and beaches.