Caribbean & Atlantic

Top Holiday Destination Caribbean

Top Holiday Destination Caribbean

There are popular holiday vacation destinations throughout the world, but the Caribbean offers some of the most romantic, temperate and beautiful climes of them all. Travel to the Caribbean has become increasingly popular due in part to the amazing travel deals available.  There are several islands in the Caribbean that are noted holiday destinations, such as Aruba, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.  In addition, the  Yucatan Peninsula area of Mexico has become a favored holiday Caribbean destination. 


Beautiful beaches drenched in sunshine welcome travelers to Aruba. There are many luxury hotels on Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, two of Aruba’s loveliest stretches of beaches.  De Palm Water Park is a short ferry journey and is a private island with a multitude of water activities for the whole family.   Aruba offers horseback riding along the beach, snorkeling, fishing, reef and wreck diving, among other exciting adventure opportunities.  Ideal climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals attract many tourists that return year after year.

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are three sister islands south of Miami Florida.  Throughout the three islands, various accommodations can be found to fit every budget and preference. Caving, cruising, fishing, diving, snorkeling and sailing are just a few of the many activities available on the Cayman Islands.  Visit the Cayman Island Turtle Farm, Seven Mile Beach, or experience the unique skating and surfing opportunities at Black Pearl Skate Park.  Adventure and fun is waiting discovery by the whole family.


An opportunity for island hopping awaits guests in the Bahamas. A multitude of islands, each with their individual cultural diversities to explore, makes visiting the Bahamas an exciting adventure.  The accommodations range from luxury hotels such as The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, to smaller budget friendly villas.  A variety of water sport activities, fine dining opportunities and fantastic shopping can be found throughout the Bahamas. Ideal for family vacationing, honeymoon or romantic getaway, the Bahamas are a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered.


Pink sand beaches and lush tropical foliage greet guests on the beautiful island of Bermuda.  The accommodations in Bermuda range from plush resorts to intimate villas, highlighting island tranquility and relaxation.  Triangle diving, caving, sea kayaking, chartered deep-sea fishing and snorkeling are just a few of the many water sport activities to be found in Bermuda.  Hike to the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for some panoramic views or enjoy fine dining in a ethnic restaurant. There is something for everyone on the island of Bermuda.


Barbados is a coral island and part of the Lesser Antilles. Its beaches consist of finely ground coral sand and are some of the loveliest beaches throughout the Caribbean. One of the noted beaches called The Crane, offers one of the best swimming areas.  Duty free shopping is available throughout the Caribbean, and Barbados is no exception.  Unique gifts from local artisans are wonderful souvenirs to take home.  Horseback riding, diving, hiking, swimming and fishing are a few of the activities available on the lush island of Barbados.


Some of the best reef diving can be found in Jamaica’s famous Runaway Bay and Ochos Rios.  Jamaica’s vivid cultural heritage is apparent throughout the island and visitors can immerse themselves in ethnic activities and cuisine.  History buffs will be delighted visiting ports and viewing pirate battlegrounds.  A trip to Island Village offers a unique theme park setting which also features some of the top duty free shopping on the island for families to enjoy.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and Old San Juan is hailed as the oldest city and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A trip to the El Yunque Rain Forest boasts spectacular hiking and views, offering relaxation and spiritual refreshment in nature’s bounty.  Cave exploring, biobay tours, snorkeling and kayaking are several of a variety of interesting and fun activities to do in Puerto Rico.  Aesthetic beauty, excellent accommodations, activities, and friendly locals combine to make Puerto Rico a top holiday destination.

Mexican Caribbean

Even though the Mexican Caribbean is best known as a spring break destination for students, it offers a romantic playground for couples as well as a fun adventure for families.  Fine dining, tropical climate, beautiful relaxing beaches and many attractions draw an increasing number of tourists each year. A popular activity is exploring the ancient ruins that are prevalent throughout the Mexican Caribbean.  Scuba diving, sightseeing tours, deep-sea fishing and many water sport activities are available in this diverse and history rich area of the Caribbean.

A holiday in the Caribbean can be a fun, rewarding and rich experience for couple and families, alike.  There are many terrific package deals on the market to please any budget.  The Caribbean has some of the best beaches and water activities available, along with friendly people in a tropical paradise atmosphere.