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Top Luxury Resorts In The World

Top Luxury Resorts In The World

There are some resorts around the world that are in a category of their own. These are the top luxury resorts in the world. Resorts of this caliber are not for those who need to ask how much a night costs. However,  for those who want to get away to a place where there is nothing too luxurious to ask for, these resorts promise to deliver the ultimate experience. Most of them are used to dealing with a celebrity clientele and they are the perfect place to get away and retain a measure of anonymity.

The Cotton House  Mustique

The Island of Mustique is a private island that was a favorite retreat of Princess Margaret and later Princess Diana. They stayed at a private estate however there is a place for others to stay in luxury on the island. The Cotton House is a restored island coral warehouse and sugar mill.

The Cotton House has 17 accommodations which offer everything from a two bedroom home to a deluxe room with a private plunge pool.  There are two restaurants one more formal and a casual café. Dining is also available in room, poolside or on the beach.

Whether wanting to work out at the gym or relax in the spa, every desire can be accommodated. There are a variety of activities available including horseback riding, sailing, fishing, snorkeling and visits to other beaches around the island.

A visit to The Cotton House on the Island of Mustique will be a visit to one of the top luxury resorts in the world.

North Island Seychelles              

When the object is to combine ecotourism and extreme luxury, North Island is the perfect destination. Every effort is made to be sustainable and the resort was created with local materials by local craftsmen. They offer the best of both worlds.

Accommodation is provided in fourteen private villas where the whim of the guest is catered to by a dedicated staff. There is the opportunity to dine in room or to get a spa treatment. It is all about what makes the guest happy.

A pristine beach, private pools, eco tours and much more await the guests at North Island one of the top luxury resorts in the world.  

Blanket Bay   New Zealand

Blanket Bay has been consistently been named one of the finest luxury resorts in the world by almost every major travel magazine in the world. Not only are the location stellar and the resort pristine, the activities available are unparallel.

There are three different style of accommodation and these may include lakefront or have a fireplace. The views are outstanding in every room. Activities as diverse as horseback riding in the Southern Alps or Heli-skiing or fishing can be arranged. Due to changing weather conditions it is recommended that activities be booked after arrival.

These are three of the top luxury resorts in the world. They offer a variety of experiences to the discerning traveler who will enjoy and appreciate the best that money can buy.