Top Tourist Attractions In Penang Malaysia

Top Tourist Attractions In Penang Malaysia

Penang is a small island, which forms part of Malaysia and sits just off the west coast of the country. Connected to the mainland by the Penang Bridge and also having its own international airport, Penang has excellent transport connections, making it an easy location to visit. It has many attractions for tourists to enjoy while on a visit, and this can make it a good choice of vacation destination.

George Town

The major city on Penang is George Town and this is considered a must-visit location. It has an impressive collection of historical buildings, temples and locations and this has earned the city UNESCO World Heritage status. George Town was founded around 200 years ago, and some of the highlights to take in on a visit include Fort Cornwallis, the Penang State Museum, the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, and the Khoo Kongs Temple. However, these are only a few of the many attractions that George Town has to offer, and a day or more in the city can be a great way to spend some time on Penang.

Penang National Park

For those that want to take in some of the natural wonders of the island, Penang National Park can be a good choice of destination. The park features a variety of natural landscapes including rain forest, beaches, and lakes. There are a number of hiking trails winding their way through the park on which it is possible to get a close up view of the plant life, and possibly the wildlife,  that make the park their home. For the more adventurous there is also a 250m long canopy walk, and this makes its way through the treetops, some 15m above the ground. For a relaxing day out in Penang, the National Park can be a good location to visit.

Batu Feringgi

Anyone that enjoys spending time at the beach should think about visiting Batu Feringgi. Considered one of the best beach locations on Penang, the beautiful white sands offer a variety of activities for visitors. It is possible to just relax and enjoy the sunshine with a little sunbathing, or for those looking for a little more fun and exercise there is swimming, para-sailing, horse riding and a variety of water sports. Later in the evening a night bazaar is set up and this provides the opportunity to enjoy some food and shopping.

Kek Lok Si Temple

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful temples on Penang, and has a history which dates back to the 1890’s. The main structure at the temple is the seven-storey “Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas”, which combines elements of Chinese, Thai and Burmese architecture in its construction, making it a beautifully ornate sight. The temple also features a bronze statue of Kuan Yin which stands at an impressive 30 meters in height. The Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the top attractions of Penang and is one that is definitely worth visiting.

Penang Bird Park

A destination on the island where it is possible to spend some relaxing time and see some wildlife is the Penang Bird Park. Set out over an area of 5 acres, the park houses two walk-in aviaries and two geodesic domes and cages. These are home to more than 300 different bird species from Malaysia, as well as a number of other areas of the world. The park is also landscaped with beautiful gardens, ponds and waterfalls making it an enjoyable place to spend some time, and it can be a good location to choose for a day out on the island.

Penang is one of Malaysia’s top tourist destinations and there are many attractions to take in on a visit to the island. Those shown above are considered some of the best on offer, and any one of them can provide an enjoyable and interesting experience.