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Top Tropical Vacations For 2011

Top Tropical Vacations For 2011

Tropical destinations bring to mind pristine sand beaches gleaming in the sun, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and endless turquoise seas. Top tropical retreats for 2011 include beautiful islands, exotic beaches and romantic destinations. Here are some of the top retreats for 2011 vacations.

The Seychelles

A top ecotourism destination, Seychelles is a group of 115 islands forming an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.  Pristine beaches, tropical climate, superb diving and jungle trails beckon adventurers and romanticists alike. Aldabra Atoll features a lagoon that teems with manta rays tiger sharks and giant land tortoises.  Inhabited by scientists, there is accommodation for approximately eight people. Diving and boat tours can be found all around the Seychelles. For a truly romantic or relaxing paradise destination, Seychelles is hard to beat.  

The Maldives

Located along the trade routes of the Indian Ocean, Maldives enjoys a multicultural heritage. The country is made up of 1, 190 coral islands where breathtaking white sand beaches are predominant, offset by crystal blue waters. Visiting local villages gives an insight into daily life, and gives visitors a true taste of what it is like to live in the Maldives.  Because the Maldives is surrounded by exquisite coral reefs, diving is a top attraction.  Snorkeling, surfing and swimming areas are plentiful, and long stretches of pristine beaches beckon the sun worshippers.


Luxurious all inclusive resorts leave visitors with nothing to do but enjoy the exotic paradise of Bali, an island located in Indonesia. Bali has a rich cultural heritage and is world renown for its exceptional artisans. Surfing, snorkeling and diving are some of the sporting activities that can be enjoyed in Bali, as well as dolphin tours, hiking, rafting and mountain biking. For the more sedate, Bali features black volcanic beaches, as well as glistening white sand beaches to explore.


Fiji is comprised of 333 islands, some uninhabited, in the South Pacific.  Five star resorts, sugar sand beaches, friendly locals and tropical climate await visitors to Fiji. Crystalline ocean waters are a perfect playground for diving, snorkeling, kayaking and a myriad of water sports.  Jungle zip lining, horseback riding and hiking are a few of the land based activities available in the Fiji Islands.  


A romantic honeymoon destination or an adventurer’s paradise, the islands of Hawaii beckon visitors in droves due to its naturally enhanced beauty and friendly inhabitants.  Consisting of volcanic Islands and located in the central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is diverse tropical paradise. Hawaii features volcanoes to explore, reefs to dive and snorkel, beaches to relax upon, and luxurious resorts to pamper guests.

 Mexican Riviera

Tourists flock to the Mexican Riviera, located on Mexico’s western coast.  Endless beaches, fantastic fishing, diving and snorkeling opportunities, ideal tropical weather and wonderful cuisine, all contribute to making the Mexican Riviera a popular vacation destination. There are activities to suit everyone, from shopping to exploring ancient ruins. 

Exotic tropical destinations lure tourists from around the globe every year, drawn to the pristine natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere that take visitors to a place that seems out of this world. Some of the top tropical destinations fit the bill for their temperate climates, friendly locals, and exotic atmospheres.