Tourist Attractions In Poros Greece

Tourist Attractions In Poros Greece

Poros is a small, authentic and unspoilt Greek island with a tranquil way of life. The capital, Poros Town, is beautiful with fine neoclassical and Venetian architecture and picturesque, narrow, stone-paved, white-washed streets with colorful hibiscus and bougainvillea plants growing all around.

This island is the perfect place to spend a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Soak up the sun on one of the many beaches, whether you choose a secluded beach where you can enjoy the clear blue water in relative piece or opt for a beach which has water sport facilities.

When the beach gets too much you can take a stroll along the waterfront and wander along the back streets of the town, picking up some souvenirs of your stay before relaxing in one of the tavernas or cafés and watching the world go by. In the evening you can enjoy a meal before dancing the night away at one of the music bars or discos the island has to offer.

Discover the lush native pine forest that covers much of the island, the small chapels and churches that are scattered around, surrounding villages and tourist sites including the Russian Bay where you’ll find the ruins of a Russian Naval Base, the Naval Museum which is located on the Averoff War Ship, the Temple of Poseidon and more.

Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

Rich in history, this monastery played an important role in the Greek Liberation War of 1821. It was originally founded in the 18th century by the Archbishop of Athens after he experienced a miracle at the site, he was cured from a serious disease after he drank some Holy Water from a spring.

Poros Clock Tower.

The neoclassical clock tower, built in 1927, stands on the highest point of Poros Town. Painted pale blue it is visible from all over the town. Climb the path to the top of the clock tower and take in the stunning views of the Peloponnese mountains and coast, spectacular at sunset.

Archaeological Museum.

Founded in the 1960’s this museum displays artifacts mostly from the Mycenaean and Roman times that have been excavated from Poros and the surrounding areas. It houses finds from the temple of Poseidon, ancient inscriptions and pottery from Ancient Troezen in Argolida, Hellenistic figurines from Methana and bronze vessels from Ermioni.

Church of Saint George.

The beautiful whitewashed church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) can be found in the heart of Poros Town. It houses a collection of superb frescoes painted by Constantine Parthenis, a famous modern Greek painter.

Venture off of the island and you can visit nearby Bourtzi, a small island with a ruined fortress dating back to Byzantine times and the town of Galatas, both a few minutes journey away by water taxi.