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Transform Your Hotel Room Into A Home

Transform Your Hotel Room Into A Home

More than two nights in a hotel room is enough for most of us to forget the excitement of our trip and long for the familiar comfort of home. Frequent travelers pick up a few habits that we can all learn to make our hotel stays more pleasant.

First, if you don’t like your room ask for a change of venue. You do not need to tolerate noisy neighbors or a depressing view from your window. If you are a long term guest or a frequent visitor your hotel will be especially happy to accommodate you, but you have to let them know what your preferences are.

Beyond this here are some other easy things you can do to make your stay away from home less like being away from home.

Settle in:

– Use the dresser and closet in your room. Too many travelers really do live out of their suitcases. But, those drawers are for your clothes, not just the hotel phone book. Your items that go on hangers and your luggage can go in the closet. Go ahead and unpack. You’ll feel some ownership of your room that fast.

– Clear the bathroom counter and make room for your own stuff. If extra towels are in the way, put them in the closet.

– If your pillow or other bed furnishings are not to your liking let The Hotel Staff know and ask if they can offer alternatives. You may like to bring your own pillow cases.

– For your privacy, make certain the window coverings can be closed completely. This is also important for blocking light if you are visiting far north locals with very long days in the summer.

– Find the room thermostat and set it at your favorite temperature.

– Inquire about maid service. If you prefer to tidy up yourself, let the front desk know.

Bring a little home with you:

– If you travel with a computer, keep a few photos of your loved ones stored as a screen saver. Scan some of your children’s art into your computer so you can see that too.

– Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and soap.

– Use your own alarm clock. Your first waking sound will be familiar.

– If you use a home fragrance in your house, bring a little of it with you in a sachet or scented candle.

– Listen to your favorite music. With some travel size speakers you can play music on your computer or from your iPod or MP3 player. Also, in addition to the radio, your hotel may have a subscription music station on the television.

– A good book that you have already begun reading will give you a feeling of continuity with home.

In lonely moments, do as you would at home:

– Use the television as company. Find your favorite programs and turn them on to fill the silence.

– Avoid cabin fever. Go out to eat and take a walk. Even if you dine alone, being in a restaurant or hotel dining room lets you see and hear other people. If you are eating alone, it is perfectly proper to take your book to read at the table. Afterward, a walk around the neighborhood will let you see the sights, and help you sleep better.

– Finally, phone home. Talk to your family and friends on a regular basis to get reconnected with your real world.

Travel can be invigorating or exhausting, and your accommodations can make the difference. So, while it may be true that there really is no place like home, your hotel should be a very nice second choice.