Travel Bay Bulls Newfoundland

Travel Bay Bulls Newfoundland

When you visit Bay Bulls, Newfoundland you are visiting one of Newfoundland’s oldest communities. It is easily accessed by car once you fly into Newfoundland or come to the island by ferry which docks at Port Aux Basque. Bay Bulls is a mere five minutes drive from Newfoundland’s capital St. John’s. You can fly directly into St. John’s or if you decide to take the ferry to Newfoundland it is approximately ten hour drive on the Trans Canada Highway to St. John’s. For you, the visitor, a visit to Bay Bulls will be an unforgettable experience whether you come alone or with your family. It is an experience that will remain with you for many years to come.


Besides enjoying the safety and freedom this town offers there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whale watching is exciting and interesting for the whole family and you will find many tours offered. You will be taken out on the Atlantic Ocean where you will see whales up close and personal.  See the beauty of the landscape of Bay Bulls from a different kind of perspective. Watch as seabirds follow the boat. If you are very lucky you will see icebergs in the ocean on their voyage from the Arctic. It is wildlife at its best and you will have a front row seat.


For those of you that love history Bay bulls is a wonderful treat. See the influence of the French fishermen that used Bay Bulls harbor in the fifteen hundreds. The twelve hundred residents of Bay Bulls still live with the influence of the early Irish and English settlers which can be heard in their speech and seen in their mannerisms and customs today. It is a flavorful town that will captivate you with its beauty as well as its people.

Ship wrecks

There are ship wrecks abounding  below the seas at Bay Bulls. The ship wrecks attest to the battles that took place in the early years of Bay Bulls. See the cannons still on the hillsides that are reminders of the battles that took place in the harbor. The scenery is like no other and it is free for the taking.  Get to know the friendly people that live there and any old timer can tell you about Bay Bulls history.

For an unforgettable vacation Bay Bulls has everything that is required. This charming town holds all you could want in scenery and being so close to St. John’s you can have the best of both worlds. If things get to quiet for you in Bay Bulls step into the big city of St. John’s where you can find all the excitement you can handle. It will be a vacation of a lifetime once you visit Bay Bulls, Newfoundland.