Travel Destinations Kauai Hawaii

Travel Destinations Kauai Hawaii

We all have an image of the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is the Hawaii I think best fit’s the image of paradise. Less than 60,000 people reside on this very large island. There are no huge population centers. Hustle and bustle has not yet become the way of life here. Tranquility of tropical paradise is just one of the gemstones of this emerald island travel destination. My memories of Kauai will always be of the genuine texture of the small town aloha spirit. I have been to all the major Hawaiian islands, except the forbidden island of Niihau. I enjoyed my numerous visits to Kauai the most. But then again I’m a country boy at heart.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t exciting and interesting things to see or do. The Garden Isle is home to the wettest spot on earth, Mount Waialeale. Few people have seen its dry peak. Captain James Cook is honored in Waimea for his January 1778 arrival. King Kamehameha fought two battles trying to bring the islands under one rule. Kauai is believed to be the original Hawaiian island that grow from volcanic activity. Legend also says that Kauai is probably the first island discovered by ancient Polynesian adventurers.

But don’t let history and science make you think this place is just for gray haired baby boomers. This island isn’t about grandpa and grandma elbowing their way through the early bird specials. If you have watched any movies in the past few years, you have seen the natural beauty of Kauai. Some 70 movies and numerous television shows have been filmed in Kauai, such as Donovan’s Reef, Blue Hawaii, Six Days Seven Nights, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Castaway Cowboy, Lt. Robinson Crusoe, U.S.N to name a few. The original Gilligan’s Island beach was filmed in here.

Kauai has it all, if you want a genuine Hawaiian experience. Small towns abound throughout the island. Friendly and helpful people are part of the culture. Big city attitude is officially banned in Kauai by the county tourism board. If you never visit Kauai, you’ve missed a chance of witnessing a wonderfully rustic Polynesian utopia. Yes there is world class golfing, pampering, and room service. But you can get that anywhere. Not everywhere can you find rugged beauty. Kauai is more about local bars as opposed to night clubs. But Kauai isn’t about pampering it’s about rugged adventure and good clean fun.

If you want to lay around like a bowl of poi, stay away. Okay you can come, beach bums are welcome too. But you find the beaches packed like Waikiki. If you want to play hard all day, this is the place. In Kauai, you will have a little more elbow room for the important things in life, a great vacation. There are water sports, movie set tours, helicopter tours, horseback riding and dinner cruises.