Travel Destinations Lublin Poland

Travel Destinations Lublin Poland

The rich history and many attractions make city of Lublin a great travel destination. The city is located near eastern borders of Poland. Lublin’s history started about 700 years ago and soon it became the center of this region (duchy). Ever since, it retained this important position. That is even after it transformed into a modern city with over 350 000 inhabitants.

Although the city has no airport at the moment, it is easily accessible by road. So you can arrive at airport at the nearest city and take a bus or rental car to Lublin. Though, the airport is being built only about 10 kilometers from Lublin. So, the city should be even easier to access for international tourists as soon as this airport get opened (which should be sometimes in 2011).

After arriving, the tourists can find suitable accommodation in some of the city’s hotels. Many of these hotels are right in the city center. You may even be able to find some hotels in the Old town. Trying to book a room in hotel located in the Old town is surely worth the effort as this part of the city is the biggest attraction for everybody who loved history and architecture.

As I have already mentioned, the Old town is the most attractive part of the city – well, at least to most tourists. It is one of the best preserved complexes of historical buildings in Poland. In fact, most of the Old town has been preserved with its original appearance. Thanks to this, it offers a great experience to all its visitors. Probably the most notable attractions of the Old town are marketplace, Dominican church and Monastery complex, Po Farze Square, Grodzka Gate, Cracow Gate and one of the most notable city landmarks, the Trinitarian Tower. Of course, this part of the city also offers narrow streets with many historical houses.

Anyway, you do not have to wander through the city without knowledge of it. Information and guides are available at Tourist information center and offices of city guide services.

There are also several museums in Lublin. They have their own websites. Links can easily be found on one of the websites I used as sources for this article.

The city also offers many restaurants, cafes and bars. So, if you decide to stay in a hotel in Lublin, you do not need to worry about the boring evenings. You will surely find many great opportunities to spend all the time you did not devote to checking all the historical buildings and museums.

To conclude, Polish city of Lublin has a lot to offer as a travel destination for international tourists. Most history and culture loving tourists will be attracted by its Old town which offers many interesting experiences. Others might just prefer a brief checking of city’s most notable landmarks and then spend most of their time in restaurants, cafes and bars.




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