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Travel Diaries Egypts Lost Queen Nefertiti

Travel Diaries Egypts Lost Queen Nefertiti

Egypt probably the home to more mysteries than any other place on earth.
The death of Tutankhamen itself has always been a subject of great debate. Archaeologists worldwide have tried to work out how he died, his mummified body has been xrayed with the latest technology to reveal a scull fracture and also a fracture of the leg was it a tragic accident a Chariot race that ended this young pharaohs life or was it murder.

This can be said of most of Egypt’s royalty, as with any ruler you can be unpopular within certain circles so your life is lived with one eye looking over your shoulder.

Since a young girl Egypt for me has been a fascinating land, as you walk through the Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple this spectacular complex in gigantic proportions you feel the greatness of this ancient civilisation, it’s power and glory unmatched by any other ancient land, it’s rulers with wonderful names Akhenhaten, Rameses, Thutmose, Seti.

Some were not so well known but one a ruler who wanted a new Egypt to be ruled his way, a heretic who was the first to believe in one god Arkhenaten, he changed the religion and by doing so sealed his fate, the priests and consorts were not happy with this new change in direction.

He was born Amunhotep IV he changed his name as he believed in the sun disc or the Aten, this was not his only claim to fame, he took a wife a number one wife who was the beauty of all Egypt her name was Nefertiti a loose translation of her name – the beautiful one has come.

This Pharaoh who had many wives and children respected Nefertiti, she was allowed to rule side by side with her husband, this was not normally the done thing in Ancient Egypt, the Queen knew her place in society.

She had 6 daughters but could not bare Arkhenaten a son, his son from another wife Tutankhaten (Tutankhamen) married Nefertitis daughter Ankhesenamen.
After Arkhenatens death Nefertiti became the ruler of Egypt, but like most of her predecessors she mysteriously vanished without a trace her body was never found, her images and statues were destroyed after her death as where her husbands.

I had been here for one week and was staying at the Winter Palace Hotel on the banks of the Nile, I loved this land waking up to the view of the Nile is a magical experience, it has a calming affect.
I had not been to The Valley of the Kings yet and was planning on spending the next week there.

I telephoned home it was June 2003 a story in the national newspapers in England had hit the headlines “Mummy of Egypt’s Lost Queen Nefertiti” the archaeologist believed they had found her body in a secret tomb.
Maybe they had found her, the body had a long swan like neck and two piercings in her earlobe as did Nefertiti.

I quickly got my camera and set off to The Valley, it was packed with film crews and archaeologists and the tomb was sealed off no one could get within 100 feet of it
it was like bees round a honey pot, odd looking equipment was being taken into the tomb, I hoped and prayed this would be her then she would be given her place back in history and her story would live on forever.

Since that eventful discovery the archaeologists and Egyptian experts have concluded through their extensive tests that this probably is not the mummy of Nefertiti, so the search is still on to find her, this Queen of beauty the first women to rule this ancient land, the first Queen of a 3,000 year dynasty.