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Travel In The Comfort Of Your Home

Travel In The Comfort Of Your Home

(Plan your next great adventure by virtual travelling in the comfort of your home. The voyager can pick a boarding pass through crystal clear video with DVD quality to the world at large from Mexico City to London, Australia to South Africa, coast to coast through the USA, etc..)

The years had passed by and both my wife and I had reached the golden age where the love of travel slowly diminished from our minds. Later in our retiring years we liked travelling to a destination or two with other retired folk; it was lots of fun and many a long friendship was made. Yet we found that travelling today was quite tiring, irritating through the new security arrangements, and our weak body functions could not cope with the travelling of the day.

Yet we found a way to continue our love of travelling through travel videos. We found that is was fun in planning a vacation to certain destinations, reliving a memorable trip, enjoying the scenic view and taking an interest in historical sites: Through the videos we experienced the world of nature, the cultures of different ethnic peoples and in the wonders of the world, all from the comfort of our home.
We captured the thrills as we toured exotic locations with an intimate portrayal of foreign lands and the lifestyles of the people living in this vast world of ours. Like actual travellers we shared our trips with friends of our age and we shared with each other the interesting and scenic places where we have been in our virtual travelling. Within a short space of time we formed a virtual traveller gathering and we would meet at regular intervals at each other’s homes and watch with interest and enjoyment the location where we or our friends wanted to travel by video.

So relax in the comfort of an armchair with your friends, enjoy a glass of lemon tea of aromatic coffee, sit back and prepare to speed-dial your travel agent, as you take your virtual stroll. Then board together for your flight from one city to another, to an exotic land, to enjoy with interest the customs of various cultures, or simply take a virtual tour through a museum or art gallery. Travel by video to foreign lands is an education itself and enables people unable to travel happier with their lives than they would of been otherwise.
Travelistic Videos for Travellers www.travelistic.com/’ offers the vitual voyager a boarding pass for adventure throughout the world with an original online-only programming. Sample Scotch along the Whiskey trail, trek through the Costa Rican rain forest or take an aerial safari across the wildlife parks in Africa. Travel together with your friends through videos of Cruise Ships and Ports of Call in VHS and DVD Travelogues with guides along the way.

AdventureCinema.com /www.adventurecinema.com/’ features great travel videos browse through their collection which runs from Biblical Treasures of Turkey’, Along the Great Divide’ produced and narrated by Gale Worth, to Ireland the land of Celtic myths and splendors’, etc…

View videos from National Geographic, featuring animals, birds and reptiles, creatures of the sea, nature’s wonders, people and places, etc.. “video.nationalgeographic.com’. Unforgetting activities and natural wonders that are filmed in high definition.

Time Traveller Tours www.unmuseum.org’ invites you and your fellow travellers to embark on unusual vacation through space and time. Embark on a virtual tour through the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ – walk through the lush Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ , marvel at the beauty of the Temple of Artemis in Ehesus’, climb the lighthouse of Alexandria, etc… Visit some of the other marvels of the ancient world The Tower of Babel’ Stonehenge’ the Sphinx’ in the ancient land of Egypt. And you can send and receive electronic postcards from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ as a souvenier of your visit.

For the culture wise virtual traveller Flying Monk’ “http://www.flyingmonk.com/’ cultural travel content from around the world. From ancient cities and archeological sites, to religious places, reenacted traditions and architectural gems. They present an in-depth look to a particular place in the world that can be a museum, an archeological site, a cathedral, an ancient synagogue or mosque or even an entire city, region or country.

At Hemingway Tours and Safaris www.hemingwaytoursandsafaris.com’ – Meet the real living legend of the The Old Man and the Sea’- Ernest Hemingway. Adventure travel by video to South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, etc.. Take part in wing shooting, fishing safaris, eco tours, culture tours, bird safaris, African safaris, etc., as you relax in comfort.

and etc….

Bon voyage…

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