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Travel Journal Or Web Blog – Blog

Travel Journal Or Web Blog – Blog

Travel journals are such enchanting things. The smell and feel of a good book in your hands matched with the perfect pen is lovely as you sit and write in the central square of a tiny Bolivian town, or, on a bridge in Paris.

However more and more people find they have less time to record their surroundings in this manner. Whether its work, or keeping in touch with the family, we are more often found on our computer or PDA linking to the outside world. New travel blog sites make it so easy for us to share our adventures with friends, colleagues, and family in an efficient, simple way. So why not use them?

Most enjoy taking pictures of their adventure and sharing them. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can immediately share your day’s activities by simply uploading them. In this way Mum and Dad know that you’re still alive, and, worry just a little less. The kids get to see all the cool new animals that you have seen so far. Or you get to see the one you love, even though separated by a distance. There are several different templates available to either share photos only, or, to include a blog for those who have stories to tell the world.

And why not share your stories? In this way you get to preserve a record of your day’s activities and enjoy comments by those allowed to see your posting. Writing can be such a joy when you are experiencing things for the first time or want to share a place with someone back home who has never been. It’s also a fantastic way to quickly record something you don’t ever want to forget.

Also, many travel blog companies now offer the “Make this into a Book” feature. So instead of having to print out your pictures when you get home to put in an album, they take your blog and include your pictures and stories for a memorable keepsake or a great gift for your travel enthusiasts, i.e. Mum and Dad.

Proper, leather bound travel journals should not be a thing of the past. They smell too good. However, travel blogs are making it much easier for us to immediately connect with those we love, when away. Isn’t that what we actually want to do anyways? Share our amazing adventures with those we care about!