Travel Vacations

Travel Vacations

People who travel for a living know all there is to know about travel.  They know which airlines are reliable, which airports to avoid and destinations that aren’t really worth their money.  They also have hundreds of thousands of air miles and so can literally travel anywhere for almost nothing.  The big question the arises of where do they go for vacation?  Where are the top vacation spots for those who travel for a living?  Not an easy question to answer.

Why isn’t it easy to answer such a simple question?  Because it would assume that all people who travel for a living are the same, with the same interests and lifestyles.  They are not.  The only difference between them and a normal person is that they are very experienced travelers.  Many of them may consider the top vacation spot to be back home, visiting with friends and family and not living out of a suitcase!  It has a certain appeal that one who is constantly on the road understands.

Then there is the person who travels for a living because they like night life and exotic locations with fine dining and members of the opposite sex.  Their top vacation spot is usually going to be a big city with a lot happening, some where such as Paris or Monaco.They can usually get discount rates at the top hotels and finest restaurants and there is plenty of night life, twenty-four hours a day!

Then there is the travel person that travels because they want to experience remote destinations, new cultures and new people.  The more remote and isolated a place is, the more the attraction as a vacation spot.  They will pick somewhere small and off the beaten track where they can get excellent service at good prices.  For instance in the Caribbean they would avoid the bigger, more popular islands and head somewhere small, such as Nevis.  It has history, luxury hotels and fine dining but not the crowds!

What are the top vacation spots for those who travel for a living?  It is a question that is impossible to answer or maybe can be answer with any location.  Everybody is different and it is the differences that make the world go round, or at least people to travel around the world!