United Kingdom

Uk Southcoast Hotspots For Summer

Uk Southcoast Hotspots For Summer

UK being the fifth largest economy in the world attracts tourists all year round. There are four home nations to United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It has everything from the hustle and bustle of historic cities to the silence of wild natural places and from the wonderful natural wonders to man-made tourist’s attractions. The south coast filled with beautiful beaches and gorgeous sites have a picture postcard views.

Devon is a County of immense beauty and is a very popular summer destination for British tourists as well as foreign visitors. Its varied landscape and interesting cities and towns offer a lot to the traveler. It’s steeped in history and there is evidence scattered across the landscape and inside its main towns and villages. The gateway city of Exeter and Exeter Quayside are vibrant destinations. Dartmoor is a popular destination for hikers and is famous worldwide for the Sherlock Holmes story. The Moors are covered in Bronze Age mounds and history buffs will enjoy discovering forgotten sites as they walk across the misty landscape. South Devon has beautiful long sandy beaches and the typical English seaside activities. Buckfast Leigh, Clovelly and Ottery St Mary are especially lovely area.

Cornwall has numbers of beautiful islands in Fowey and is also a great place for historians to visit. Historical landmarks and the history of the city will leave you feeling as though you were a part of it.

Kent has Leeds Castle one of the most favorite Castles of Henry VIII. It’s a tourist magnet for visitors from all over England owing to its picturesque scenery and popular summertime beaches. The nickname given to it is the “Garden of England,” mainly for the large number of gardens and orchards. Kent also is the home of the world-famous White Cliffs of Dover. Broadstairs remains today a beautiful reminder of a simpler time in England’s history and is a wonderful place to visit on a holiday. The Town of Tonbridge runs next to the river Medway. It gives the town a beautiful scenario of rich landscaping that is beautiful to enjoy. There are local fishing clubs that take advantage of the great fishing in the river and you can fish there as well. Whether it is off the banks or taking a charter boat you can enjoy a wonderful day of catching your favorite dinner.

Sussex in the United Kingdom also has its own tourist attractions that are quite appealing for visitors and residents as well. The Observatory Science Centre is somewhere that should not be overlooked by both adults and children as well. It is located on the Herstmonceux Castle grounds where the Royal Greenwich Observatory was formerly located. There are multiple exhibits that can be found to suit individuals of all tastes. The Discovery Park area allows guests to enjoy a variety of scientific feats including genetics, sound, force, and movement. Artists won’t want to miss out on the Chichester Festivities that are held every year. Harbour Park is somewhere you should visit if the beach is where you intend to spend a lot of your time. It is an area with a multitude of attractions. The Chichester Harbour Water Tours are great for tourists to enjoy as well. Volks Railway is the oldest electric railroad in all of Britain, must ride for any tourists.

Dorset sits in a beautiful portion of the southwest English Channel region on the banks of the river Frome. It’s navigable all the way from the town itself down to Poole, a harbor town on the coast. Traveling through the market town of Sherborne in Dorset is an enjoyable and diverting experience. Here Wareham is a popular tourist region, and is famous for having a stretch of the Jurassic Coast. This area is a United Nations-designated World Heritage Site of geological importance, with formations such as the world famous Lulworth Cove. Christchurch in Dorset is set between two rivers, the Avon and the Stour Rivers. Christchurch is famous for its various beaches, museums, castles, walkabout areas which include the old town and the new town. One of the unique sites to see in Christchurch is a watermill and the Bailey bridge that was invented here. There is a miniature town that was built to replicate what rural England used to be like during the 1950’s, amazing unique experience. Nature and wildlife are present here in abundance.

The south coast has something stored for all ages. It has beaches and many exciting places for young crowd, museums and fun parks for children and many historical sites and relaxing places for older people. It is full of entertainment and is a perfect holiday destination for summer days.