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Unusual Accommodations For Adventurous Travelers

Unusual Accommodations For Adventurous Travelers

The Trade Winds gently swaying the palm trees, brilliantly colored exotic fish swimming by, the soft glow of blue ice or the rustling of wild animals right outside your door, any of these can be the first thing you see or hear when you awake in one of these unusual accommodation while on vacation. Over the water, under the water, in a tree house or an ice-house, one of these four unusual accommodations for adventurous travelers is sure to please the most adventuresome travelers.

*Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Named for Jules Verne, these undersea accommodations in Key Largo, Florida are the ideal vacation site for adventurous travelers who love the sea. Large portholes in each room provide a wonderful view of the sea creatures in their natural habitat. This is much more exciting than late night TV! However, you can watch TV, use the phone, and surf the Web from the common area or scuba dive right outside your accommodations. Breakfast and dinner are delivered right to your door.

*Over The Water Lodging

Maybe under the waves isn’t for you, maybe you might be interested in unusual accommodations “over the water” in a bungalow or cabana, in Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge. From your private balcony, watch the fish and dolphins frolic, let sunsets kiss you goodnight and the waves lull you to sleep.

You can also swim or snorkel right beneath your accommodations or take a tour of the other islands and visit a native Indian village. You’ll be captured by the beauty of the islands and the laid-back flow of time.

*Lapa’s Nest Tree House, Costa Rica

Maybe the closest you want to be to the water are the showers in a rain-forest, if so; a tree house may be the answer. Just a step out your door, a photographic adventure awaits you with the large array of wildlife you’ll find on the 120-acres of hiking trails. Ocelots, jaguars, moneys, parrots and many other animals plus some of the most lush and beautiful plants on earth.

Enjoy living as The Swiss Family Robinson did with all of the modern amenities of civilization in a primitive setting fifty feet up a mahogany tree. Take a swim in the river or at the beach, which is only five minutes away.

*Ice Hotel

Perhaps you prefer your adventure water frozen, no problem! The adventure begins as soon as your airplane lands in Kiruna, Sweden, with a dogsled ride through the snow, from the airport to the world famous Ice Hotel and continues with capturing the Northern Lights on camera to warm nights spent sleeping on a bed of ice, covered with reindeer skins, you’ll find all the adventure you want.

But, that’s not all, there’s more! Don’t miss the gigantic ice chandelier and ice sculptures! Meet the nomadic Sami people and visit one of their reindeer farms. Choose another day for viewing the wonderland scenery during a thrilling ride in a dogsled with you as the musher, under the tutelage of an experienced one.

Make your accommodations a part of the adventure when you travel. Experience sensations you have never felt before such as swaying in a tree house, lapping waves beneath you or the magical blue aura of sleeping in an ice-house.