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Use Games And Have Frequent Rest Stops

Use Games And Have Frequent Rest Stops

Preparation is the key to fun, holiday road trips with children. Depending on the age of the children, stops at museums, parks and scenic locations can educate as well as amuse them. Play games where the children do not have to look down. Having food and drinks nearby also makes for contentment among children. Plan for rest stops, as children need to use the restroom more frequently than adults.


When preparing for a road trip, looking at a map will go a long way to reaching a destination. Instead of guessing or waiting for signs, know where the stops are. Let the children help pick where they want to go. This makes the trip most enjoyable for them. If the trip is to a relative, choose locations along the way that provide a short stop without taking away too much time from the get-together, or meet at a kid-friendly location. Resorts and conference centers often have places like amusement parks and playgrounds, so children can have fun, as well as meet their relatives. Water parks are another nice places to rest and cool off in the summer.


Keep the road trip fun. Having children look for the letters of the alphabet, as a contest between siblings or parents, is a fun and easy game. The first person to find all the letters of the alphabet a-z can choose the restaurant or another activity. Parents have to use their judgment that children have not cheated. Asking where they saw difficult letters like q, y, x or z can give away whether the children are honest or not. Another game, for older children, is to point out the different state license plates.The first child to find all 50 states or the child who finds the most license plates, wins a prize. Bring CDs and tapes that the children enjoy. Rhythm games and concentration games help to pass the time along the way. 


Frequent stops keep children from fidgeting and complaining. If the road trip will take all day or multiple days, plan out where kid-friendly sites are and stop there. Choose city parks with playgrounds and let the children play for an hour or so. The rest may prevent an accident and allow the kids to release some energy. This also lets children use the restroom. In some states, rest areas provide fun things to do.They may have hikes or places to play volleyball or basketball.

Food and drink

Having crackers, vegetable sticks and water available during a road trip eliminates the need to stop and buy soda and candy. Preparing finger foods and small sandwiches can satisfy little bodies during a road trip and give them nutrition at the same time.

Gas stations sometimes offer souvenir books that have games in them. AAA also has booklets with fun games and activities for children. Children need to focus on something, to prevent getting motion sickness. Games, food and making stops will help to eliminate these distasteful things that can occur on a holiday road trip.