Planning & Advice



You booked that vacation to a far away place and now it is time for you to pack for that trip of a lifetime or maybe it is just a week-end trip that you can drive to within your mode of transportation.

You did your homework about the place that you will be going to so now you have a good idea of what you will do while you are away from home. With that in mind you pack your camera because you plan to take many pictures. You and your loved ones love to shop so you will have some money in the form of cash and a few credit cards to pay for those more expensive items. In that regard you must have some room available within your luggage or you might want to have those items shipped directly to your home within a day or two of your return trip. 

Fine dining is a must so you have to pack some formal ware because fine dining restaurants usually require their diners to dress for the dining experience. Then again, you might want to dress casual during your vacation and skip those fancy restaurants.

When you arrive at your destination will it be hot or cold, weather wise? Who brings winter ware to the tropics? Oops, the plane went to the wrong place. Sure, you are filthy rich so you took the long way to that vacation destination with a stop and plane change in Alaska. You love to look out of the plane window and maybe even take a few pictures.

You should not forget to pack those personal items so that you can brush your teeth, shave and be prepared for a few romantic encounters if you are on your own or you do not want to increase the size of your family.

So, what else do you want to do? Play golf maybe and gamble in a casino is fun. That is, if you not lose the mortgage payment for the next month. You know full well that even the best vacation plans can go wrong and most likely you will exceed the amount of money that you plan to spend.

On the other hand, you might find some real bargains in the stores that you shop in. Buy only what you need, you tell yourself, but will you stay close to your expected vacation budget? Sure, and there is a man in the moon too, right? You only live once, or do you live more than once? That much depends on your religious beliefs and if pork is something that only other people eat.

If you have to take drugs to keep yourself healthy and feeling well you better not forget to pack those drugs that a doctor said that you should take. You might want to bring a pain killer like aspirin for the hangover and/or headache from having too much fun or too much to drink, booze wise. Vacation time causes you to do those things that you would otherwise not do.

No matter what, you are determined to have a good time so kindly read this story, even if you believe that it is nothing but baloney.