Vancouver Children Families

Vancouver Children Families

Vancouver, British Columbia is a wonderful vacation destination. This city is vibrant and alive with people and happenings. You will find incredible restaurants, great shopping and plenty to do.

Vancouver is also a terrific city for children. You will find so may choices for entertainment and fun that you might not be able to do them all in one visit.

Stanley Park is the place to visit in Vancouver. This huge park is home to an aquarium, a petting zoo and a rose garden as well as totem poles and beaches. Start your visit with a trolley tour around the city. The trolleys take two loops, red and blue. On the red loop you will see all of Stanley Park. The blue loop takes you through the city itself. The trolley is hop-on, hop-off style which is perfect for families. Hop-off for a sightseeing visit or for lunch and then hop back on and head to something new.

The Vancouver Aquarium is a delightful time for kids and adults alike. Inside the building you will find displays of all kinds of fish and water life. Enjoy a giant shark tank, jellyfish and even frogs. Young children will love their very own section of the aquarium where they can touch a starfish or pretend to be a sea animal veterinarian. Outside you can find the famous beluga whales as well as dolphins and sea otters.

While you are in Stanley Park, take some time to visit the petting zoo or to walk among the roses and totem poles. Also take some time to walk along the water. Kids will enjoy water fountain playgrounds along the way.

Grouse Mountain is another must-see experience in Vancouver. Hop on a sky ride to the top of the mountain where you will find one of the most incredible views in the world. You can also hike, take a helicopter tour and even see some bears!

For a change of pace, Grandville Island is the place to go. This area is full of markets, restaurants, stores and even local artwork. Take the kids to The Kids Only Market, a fantastic toy store and more. This is a great place for a delicious lunch and a calm afternoon.

Try Vancouver for an amazing vacation with your children. Kids of all ages will enjoy the learning experiences and the activities. You will not only love the city, but you will love seeing your children have a fantastic time.