Vancouver Island Canada Whales Gardens

Vancouver Island Canada Whales Gardens

Canada has many places of interest, from the cosmopolitan cities on the east coast to the vast prairies of Alberta, to the beautiful Canadian Rock Mountains and the Polar bear capital of Churchill in the far North. All are travel destinations that the traveller must see at least once in their lifetime. However, Canada has one more travel destination that must be seen and that place is Vancouver Island.

Just of mainland on the West side of Canada lays the Island of Vancouver, its mild climate and small communities make it a popular tourist destination for Canadians and tourists from all over the world. An easy island to get to you can either fly by seaplane or take various ferries. Vancouver Island is large as England but far less crowded.

Nestled at the bottom of the Island is the Capital of British Columbia Victoria. Named after Queen Victoria the Capital is as English as the name suggests, with the Empress hotel that serves High tea in the afternoon and with the small delightful shops that tourists can shop in, and with most of the shop owners and shop assistants that speak with an English accent. Tourists from England would be mistaken into thinking they were still at home.

Vancouver Island has one of the best gardens in the world, the little known Buchard gardens. This garden built by Mrs Buchard out of her husband’s cement quarry is a delight to visit with plenty of parking spaces to park your car it will delight even the most un green fingered of us, it has gift shops and plenty of eating establishments.

Drive the pleasant highways through the small community’s and you get the feeling of what this place is about, most of the Island is protected as parkland also the Beaufort mountains is home to one of the country’s largest ski resorts. Some of the world oldest trees grow on Vancouver island it is home also of the rare Garry oak.

Vancouver Island is a haven for wild life, in the sea that surrounds the coast of the island you can see plenty of sea life, you can whale watch to your heart’s content either by boat or by watching from a good advantage point on the shore. Pods of killer whales are the most prominent of the species.

The sheer beauty of the island brings out the best in any artist, there paintings and there crafts can be bought in many of the gift shops.

There are plenty of things to do once on the Island, hiking in the mountains shopping in the many shops, whale watching, going around the many gardens like Buchard gardens, Milner garden, cougar Annie’s garden, and most of them are on the edge of rain forests.

Vancouver island is home to many farms that will sell the farm produce to the visitor, and most of the restaurants use local produce making it a delight to eat out.

All over the region, you will find plenty of accommodation from large hotels like the Fairmont Empress hotel to the small private run bed and breakfast establishments so no one will find it difficult to find a bed for the night.

There are plenty of beaches along the long coast of Vancouver island making it a delight for just lazing about on the beach. However, really I cannot see for the life of me that anyone would want to sunbathe in this most lovely of islands.