Visiting Kauai Hawaii On A Tight Budget

Visiting Kauai Hawaii On A Tight Budget

Welcome to Kauai! Beautiful, exotic, adventurous and friendly… so many once-in-a-lifetime tropical memories await you! And you can make it all happen without going broke, just by using some of the following ideas.

Schedule your vacation during the off-season (when schools and colleges are in session). The costs for almost everything will be much lower. Many vacationers love to spend their days relaxing on the beach, just watching the waves roll in. Having a beachfront stay is pure heaven, however, the cost reflects that. Staying inland saves money. So, if a view isn’t necessary, then why pay more? After all, it’s mostly just a place to sleep. You can just drive to the beach whenever you want, they’re free too.

With a car, you can drive to see the sights, but what should you do? Find a map, ask the locals, search on the Internet and pick up the local tourist magazine. Most of Kauai’s industry is tourist based, so they’re actively looking for your business! Drive around the whole island and look for the bargains. There are plenty of scenic photo ops along the way. You can stop for a hike at most of the parks. By driving around, you’ll also get a sense of what the island has to offer you. There are so many little stores and restaurants just waiting for you to explore.

Eating local style gives you a feeling of belonging there. It’s also cheaper. Where else can you get Spam served at least 30 different ways? And the fruit is simply amazing! It’s fresh, seemingly plucked right off the tree, only moments ago, not like what you’d get back home. The taste is a world apart. If you can, go to a farmer’s market and stroll around. If you buy your own food, maybe you can prepare it at your vacation home or snack on it during your drive around paradise. This is all a part of the wonderful experience.

Every place is beautiful, but some absolutely breathtaking spots are the Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay and Waimea Canyon. Along the way, you can see the derelict Cocoa Palms Hotel, where they shot an Elvis movie. If you’re interested in history, you can visit the Russian Fort Elizabeth (yes, they had an outpost there!), and, of course, Captain Cook’s monument (where he first landed in Hawaii in 1778).

If you’ve been sensible with your money, maybe you can splurge a little. For many people, one truly outstanding memory is a helicopter tour. You might also like whale watching, horseback riding, ATVing, golfing or fine dining. Think about what makes you happy and then do it!

Remember, just being there is a dream. Have fun!