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Visiting Portland Maine

Visiting Portland Maine

Portland, Maine is an ideal vacation spot. It is beautiful in any season, and offers something for everyone. There are options for beach bums, artists, music lovers, foodies, history buffs, antiquers, sports lovers and everyone in between. Every age group can find something to entertain them, and can count on reasonable prices for nearly everything.

Oceanside, and a small city by national standards, Portland’s people are friendly, it is easy to travel around, it is safe, and you will never have trouble finding a fresh seafood dinner during your stay. The best area to explore while you are vacationing in Portland is the Old Port. This section of the city is easily traveled on foot, and maintains much of the charm of small towns and seaside villages, while offering many options for entertainment. The Old Port has a large bar scene and is great fun for younger people looking for an active nightlife. There are also many restaurants, ranging from fancy to family friendly throughout the area. Dimillo’s, the floating boat restaurant, is a fun choice for seafood lovers or anyone who would like a scenic view of Portland Harbor during their dinner.

Art lovers can have a great time in the Arts District. which is merely a few blocks from the Old Port. The Portland Art Museum, as well as many locally owned shops and galleries are located along Congress Street, in the heart of the city.

Portland Harbor can be easily seen from any part of the Old Port, and it sets the tone for much of the city. To better experience it, you can catch one of the Casco Bay Lines ferries from the terminal in the Old Port and take a tour of the islands for under 10 dollars. The ferries have both indoor and outdoor decks, and are the same ferries the residents of the islands use to get back and forth to the mainland for school and work, making these tours convenient, comfortable, and fun in any season.

While Portland itself offers plenty of fun, there are many towns, villages, beaches, and amusements just a short drive away. Old Orchard Beach, home to a boardwalk and Palace Playland, is where people go for “thrills and excitement ’til way after dark.” During the day, the beach itself is a great place to relax, go for a swim, and collect seashells. Both Old Orchard Beach and its neighboring community, Ocean Park, are popular vacation destinations for people from all over the world.

The Coastal Route 1 not only offers a scenic drive, but also has a large number of antique stores, quaint towns, bed and breakfasts, and beautiful scenery. If you are driving during your vacation, use Route 1 as an added attraction to your Northeast visit rather than taking the highway.

Portland is the state of Maine’s largest city and has a virtually unending supply of options for fun. Whether you are traveling by yourself, with friends, or with your family, you will be certain to have a good time while vacationing in the Northeastern corner of the United States.