Visitors Guide To Knivskjelodden Norway

Visitors Guide To Knivskjelodden Norway

Even though, the North Cape is often referred to as the most northern point of Europe, Knivskjelodden is the real winner. It is 1380 meters (though, the distance differs in some sources) further to the north than famous North Cape. However, Knivskjelodden is less known and harder to access for most international tourists.

 First of all, it is important to plan your journey for summer. Getting to Knivskjelodden is harder than visiting North Cape. Though this is not because of difficult terrain. In fact, the terrain is quite easy for most tourists. However, the only way of getting there is to walk or take a boat.  The boat is only an option on days with calm weather.

Tourists who decide to reach the most northern point by foot should know that hiking trail starts at a parking lot that is about 7 kilometers from North Cape Plateau on road E69. It is possible to get there by a car or also by a bus from Honningsvag. However, be prepared that these buses arrive and depart only twice a day. First bus embarks from Honningsvag at 11:00 and first returning bus is scheduled to embark at 18:15. The second bus departs at 17:00 from Honningsvag and returns at 00:45. According to source of this information, the returning bus does not wait for those who fail to return from their hiking trip on time.

Anyway, the bus will only take you to previously mentioned parking lot. From there, you will have to take a hiking trail that is about 8 kilometers long. Though you have no reason to be scared. Even though the mountain boots are recommended, the trail is quite easy for most tourists. The only reasons for trouble could be the stony and damp terrain, of course that is only in case you do not wear the right type of boots for this type of terrain. Also be prepared that weather in these areas can change pretty fast and be very unpleasant, especially if you forgot to bring some warmer clothes.

To conclude, you should devote some time to plan your trip to Knivskjelodden as there are many things you need to think of. Getting to parking lot where the hiking trial starts is only one of them. You need to wear the right type of boots for this hiking trip and possibly also bring some warmer clothes even if it is relatively hot that day as the weather can change fast. Also, you may want to visit the nearby famous North Cape when you are in the area.