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What To Look For In An Extended Stay Hotel

What To Look For In An Extended Stay Hotel

My daughter recently visited me, whenever she comes to town she secures a room at an extended-stay hotel. After days of searching the internet to compare rates and find a
suitable location, she chose a hotel in a vicinity with activities and attractions.
The hotel was located near restaurants, a grocery store, a local gameroom she really
likes, it was also close to the beach. I must say I was surprised to learn about the
extended-stay hotels within a cluster of other hotels, giving you an emporium of

Judging by my observation, you can expect to have accommodations in a room with home
like amenties. You’ll relax on the comforts of a soft, yet firm bed which is pleasing
and very inviting to a weary traveler. Once you’ve rested and want to continue in a
lounge mode, you can choose to sit in a nice recliner, kick your feet up, watch a
movie on the television or read your favorite book.

While you’re enjoying your stay, take a moment to brew a cup of coffee, warm a meal
in the microwave, cook dinner or whatever pleases your fancy. There’s a refrigerator
for storing groceries, drinks, etc. Yes, a kitchen equipped with a stove, cabinets,
a sink, dishes, glasses, spoons, and forks are provided to make you feel at home.

A quaint little bathroom with a soothing shower, and a vanity with double sinks is
situated across from the kitchen. Next to the bed was a spacious closet, on the wall
adjacent to it hung an ironing board and an iron. A broad dresser set before the bed,
a nightstand was nestled beside the bed, both had a telephone for convenience, in the
corner near the kitchen counter was a desk and chair. I found it to be quite cozy. If
you desire more, it’s there for you.

For example,my daughter thought she booked a hotel with extra amenities, like a
swimming pool, larger rooms, a better lounge area, and as I noticed while she was
temporarily debating with the person at the counter, there were special boxes for
people to use in the event that arrived after check in hours, of course a code
was necessary to access it. In the meantime my daughter was informed that she was
at the right chain of hotels, however, there was a difference in the stature,
this, as we discovered later, was more upscale.

Nevertheless, the main features are the same. Everything you have in your home
that you consider essential, will be found in an extended-stay hotel. I was very
impressed with the accommodations, it’s service, the quality of the room, it’s
atmosphere and neat appearance. I would definitely recommend extended stay-hotels
for vacationers or anyone who wants to get away and be alone for awhile
…you won’t be sorry.