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What To Pack For A Summer Beach Trip

What To Pack For A Summer Beach Trip

Are you headed for a trip to the beach this summer? Excellent! There is nothing better than soft sand and a calming sea on a hot summer’s day. However, there are several beach essentials that need to be packed before you leave home. Without them, the experience won’t be nearly as much fun, and could also lead to some tears later in the day. To make the most of your trip to the beach, read on for some important things you must take with you.

For everyone


In the summer, health warnings about remembering to wear sunblock start appearing on the television and for very good reason. Sunburn is unbelievably painful, and the sun’s rays can do serious damage to your skin.  Sunblock is one thing you absolutely shouldn’t go to the beach without. The general rule of thumb with sunblock is, the fairer your skin, the higher SPF you should use but if you are worried, do an internet search and discover which SPF is right for you. Also remember to take extra protective sunblock for the children as their skin is more sensitive and will burn quickly. (Note: If you or any of your family has allergies, check with your doctor before purchasing anything).

Bottled water

Like sunblock, taking bottled water is an essential thing to pack when you are heading to the beach. It is very important to drink water on a hot day to keep you from dehydrating. Take extra water if you are taking children with you as they will probably be running around a lot and will dehydrate more quickly. Most beaches have vendors who sell food and drinks, however it is better to be safe than sorry.

Picnic lunch

Pack a cool box of food so you can have a beach picnic lunch. Bring a variety of different sandwiches and snacks so you can keep your energy levels up. Chilled fruit tastes particularly good on a hot day. You will probably be able to buy ice lollies and ice creams at the beach as an extra treat and to keep you cool.

Blanket and towels

Although sitting on the soft sand feels good, it is not as pleasurable when the sand heats up and begins burning your skin. Take blankets to sit on and towels to dry off after swimming.

Beach umbrella/small tent

If you happen to have a beach umbrella or a small tent that folds up small enough that you can carry it with you, you should take it. While it is nice to soak up the sun, you will need a little shelter from the heat – this is especially true if you have children who will quickly tire when they get too hot.

For the kids

Buckets and spades

A trip to the beach would not be complete without buckets and spades! Kids will spend hours building sandcastles, or if they are more creative, enormous sand sculptures and they can’t do this without the proper tools!

Arm bands/inflatable toys

If you are taking the children into the sea, they will have a far better experience if they have some inflatable toys to play with! It means you will have to forsake a little sun bathing time to supervise them, but the looks on their little faces will make it worthwhile!

Extra clothes

Kids make a mess. At the beach they can quickly get dirty from playing in the sea, then sitting on the sand. Have some extra clothes ready for them to change into. Also pack trousers/long skirts/long sleeved tops so they can cover up their skin.

Wet wipes

Most mothers know to have wet wipes with them when they go anywhere with children, but at the beach they will be extra useful to wipe sand from the children’s hands before they eat.


Hats are important for everyone in the summer, but they are particularly important for children. A hat will give them that extra bit of protection from the heat of the sun so they can enjoy their day without overheating.

There are so many things to remember when taking a trip to the beach but if you package them all sensibly, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Plus, the more people you take with you, the more hands you have to help carry it all!