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Where To Stay In Niue

Where To Stay In Niue

The island of Niue is located just three hours north of New Zealand. It truly an unspoiled tropical paradise where there are never any crowds, no graffiti, or crime. In fact, it’s so safe that anyone can walk around after dark alone without ever having to worry. There are no traffic lights because there isn’t enough traffic to make having them necessary.

Coming to Niue is like stepping back in time. It is a place where strangers wave to one another all the time, and where everything comes to a grinding halt at 4:00 in the afternoon. No one ever has to hurry or rush.

Approximately 1/4 of Niue is virgin rainforest. Guided walks are the best way to ensure safe exploration. There is nothing carnivorous in Niue, nor is there anything large enough to harm a person, so one can safely walk around anywhere. Despite the fact that this small island is so laid back and peaceful, there is plenty for tourists and visitors to do.


*Walk through flocks of butterflies in a virgin rainforest.
*Swim with dolphins or whales.
*Scuba dive into the most spectacular underwater cathedrals.
*Smell the perfumed frangipani of plumeria bushes and trees everywhere you walk.
*Snorkel over coral in the some of the world’s clearest and most spectacular warm tropical waters.
*As you eat your breakfast outside, look at the breeching whales at no more than 80 meters from your table.
*Because Niue is a raised atoll rather than a sandy one, deep water is only a stone’s throw from land, making for amazing fishing.


There are fewer than 90 hotel, motel or guest rooms in Niue. At times, there are more visiting whales than there are tourists. Visitors should know that only Visa cards are currently accepted in Niue.

*Matavi Resort –

Located at the top of a cliff, this magnificent resort has spectacular 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. It is a mere ten minutes from all of the major facilities and services of Niue. There are 22 rooms, each of with their own balcony, en-suite bathroom, ceiling fan, refrigerator and coffee and tea making facilities. There are two air conditioned rooms.

Other amenities include:

*Swimming pools*
*Conference room*
*Gift Shop*
*Ocean views*
*Free bikes to use*

The standard studio goes for $188 a night, or $198 including breakfast for adults. If you want an air conditioned studio, the standard rate for that is $222, of $236 including breakfast. It is the most expensive place to stay on the island.

*Seventy Three A

Nestled in a wooded setting just minutes from Alofi Town Center and other amenities is this lovely two bedroom family home. One bedroom has a queen bed and one twin, the other has a queen bed and two twins. They can be rented either by the room (for two or more people,) or the entire house, which has the potential to sleep seven can be rented.

Amenities include cooking facilities, a refrigerator, coffee and tea making appliances, laundry and a bathroom that has a shower and vanity. The toilet is separate. Rates are $NZ150 a night as a single or $NZ240 as a triple or a quad. The rate for the entire house is $NZ350.

*Kololi’s Motel –

This place has a large guest house that has one large bedroom with an en-suite upstairs and four bedrooms that all share a single bathroom downstairs. In addition, there are three self contained chalet style rooms that are separate from the main guest house. These self contained units consist of one 1 bedroom unit and two 2 bedroom units.

Property facilities include a microwave and stove, cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery . There is also a refrigerator, a self service laundry facility, TV and DVD, ceiling fans in each room or unit, a barbecue area and insect screens. The rates range from $55 for a double or single room in the guest house to $140 for a self contained two bedroom unit.

*Pelenis Guest House

Ideally located right in the heart of Alofi where it is close to all of the shops and public services, this former family home offers nice accommodations for a reasonable price. The house has cooking facilities, a refrigerator, free fans for guests to use and coffee and tea making appliances. Each room has it’s own en-suite bathroom. Room rates are a reasonable $50 for a single and $60 for a double.

*Nic’s Motel –

Offering self contained units atop a cliff in close proximity to all services and attractions, this lovely motel has a standard rate for these units of $130. The property offers guests shared cooking facilities, a refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities, air conditioning (something unusual in Niue,) and Sky Pacific Satellite.

The availability of accommodations on Niue is very limited. It is wise to book well in advance, and know that penalties for cancellations that aren’t done well in advance will apply. Most of the places where people stay have limited amenities, but the beach is close enough so that it is easy to walk there.

Many of these places will provide transportation or have make it possible for guests to hire transportation easily. There may not be much in the way of frills at these places, but what they lack in fanciness will be more than made up for because you’ll be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural beauty to be found anywhere on earth.


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