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Why Disney Closed Star Tours

Why Disney Closed Star Tours

When it first opened in 1987, the Star Tours attraction was an amazing experience at Disneyland and crowds lined up to experience the innovative amusement park ride. Star Tours combined a large-screen video with a motion-based ride that created the illusion of traveling through space. The attraction was combined with the popular Star Wars franchise to create a memorable experience that entertained audiences for over twenty years. Fans of the Star Wars movies were able to briefly put themselves into the action and enjoy a cockpit view of a galaxy far, far away. In 2010, Disneyland closed the ride and announced that a new experience would debut in 2011. Here are a few reasons that Disneyland closed Star Tours. 

I love to 80’s

Despite being a popular experience and an innovative simulator concept, Star Tours was starting to look a bit dated to the modern audience. Kids still enjoyed the ride right up to the end as Star Wars continues to be intriguing to new generations. However, technology had evolved to the point where 1987 entertainment was no longer acceptable by Disney standards. The film on the attraction was starting to look a bit grainy, and audiences that have experienced modern innovations like high definition and 3D technology were starting to wonder when Star Tours was going to get a facelift. 

Future technology

For Star Wars fans, there is a “New Hope” for Star Tours in the future. Disney announced that Star Tours would return as Star Tours II in 2011. The new ride will be a high definition and 3D experience that will reportedly have several ride options, including adventures based on movie locations like Hoth, Tatooine, and Dagobah. The new ride is reportedly still in production, but fans have been able to see a short teaser trailer that features a clip based on the Podracing scene from film, Star Wars – Episode I.  

The essence of Tomorrowland

The closing of the original Star Tours is consistent with the theme of Disney’s Tomorrowland. Since Disneyland opened their doors in 1955, the park has always worked to provide attractions in that area of the park that reflect something of the future. Given the age of the Star Tours, it was time to create something a bit more advanced and consistent with the spirit of Tomorrowland. Star Tours has had a good run in the Disney system, but it is time again to look to the future of amusement park entertainment and create a new experience.   

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