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Women are better Cooks – Women

Women are better Cooks – Women

Wow.. What a debate this is going to be. I am a male, but I will have to go with women as the better chef. Although men make great chefs, guess who is on the majority of the cooking shows? Women.

Everyone needs to remember, this is women, this kind of stuff runs in their blood. They’re good at laundry, child care, and COOKING! Of course there is a lot more then that, but I would be here all day.

Women truly can establish a great meal on the spot. They’re ready at every second to whip up a great meal. They can cook things from seafood, to a nice Italian plate.

Don’t get me wrong, men can good great too. But I believe women win this rank. They care a lot more about what they are doing. From keeping things organized, and making sure the surroundings are clean and ready to be cooked on.

Most men don’t think about this, and they are careless. But like I said before, women can cook to the tee! 

This is not intended to be sexist in anyway, it’s the truth, and everyone knows it. But most men are too self-confident and cocky to let their pride go when it comes to cooking.

Women, you should be proud that a male is saying this about you, because I am a good chef, but I really think women are the best cooks there every could be.

I hope a lot of people will agree with what I have said, because honestly, there couldn’t be a better cook then a women. They know exactly what they are doing from the second they start.

Also, they put the time and effort to make it taste great AND look good, as guys just want to get the “darn” thing done so they can stuff their faces. Am I right? Yes… I believe so.

If guys are reading this, I’m sure they’re nodding their heads completely agreeing with me. 

Once again, this article is not to be sexist, and women really are better cooks then men. I promise. Guys, next time you can, look at your wife, sister, aunt, etc. and watch them cook. They truly are naturals.

Article was written on who are better cooks: Men or Women? The answer that I chose for the article was women. They truly are, and will always be the best cooks.